2017 Liaoning New Third Board Enterprise Market Value TOP100

     As of April 30, 2017, there were 11,113 companies listed on the NEEQ, and 220 NEEQ companies in Liaoning, accounting for 2.0%; 102 of them had market capitalization, accounting for 46.4%. Wubei New Third Board Research Institute sorted out the TOP100 market value of Liaoning New Third Board enterprises in April 2017 (hereinafter referred to as TOP100), of which 15 were in the innovation layer, 85 were in the basic layer, 70 were transferred by agreement, and 30 were transferred by market making.

6 companies have a market value of over 2 billion

The threshold for the TOP100 list is 80 million yuan, of which 6 companies have a market value of more than 2 billion yuan, and the market value is less than 100 million yuan to 300 million yuan, 300 to 500 million yuan, 500 to 1 billion yuan, and 1 to 2 billion yuan. There are 24 companies, 31 companies, 18 companies, 14 companies, and 7 companies.




Note: The small value is included, but the large value is not included; for example, 300 million yuan to 300 million yuan is included, but 500 million yuan is not included.
The market value rankings of the companies ranked 1 to 10 on the TOP100 list and their market value are Green Bio (834447), 9.729 billion yuan; Chengda Bio (831550), 6.443 billion yuan; Shen Xianyuan (831399), 6.225 billion yuan; Linlong shares (430515), RMB 4.331 billion; Dongguan Power (834469), RMB 3.576 billion; Xinzhong Technology (835342), RMB 2.050 billion; Magna (836901), RMB 1.6 billion; China Catalyst (836546), 1.595 billion yuan; Donglin Food (834020), 1.510 billion yuan; Qicai Chemical (838276), 1.38 billion yuan.
Machinery industry accounted for 14.0%
In terms of industry distribution, the machinery industry has the largest number of companies, with 14 companies; followed by the Internet software and services industry with 11 companies; and the food industry with 10 companies. (Source: Wubei New Third Board Research Institute)


Attachment: Liaoning New Third Board Enterprise Market Value TOP100 in April 2017
(Note: TOP100 data adopts the data on April 30, 2017)